Now that you have Registered and Logged-In, here are a few tips and techniques you may find useful in getting the most from the experience, especially if you’re new to the Wonderful World Of On-Line Forums.  We’ll be adding to this list as time goes on (and we figure out how exactly how this thing works).  We welcome input from any Veterans of Forum Wars.

How To Get Back In:

You wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t already registered, received your initial password, and successfully logged in.  At least the first time.  But when you leave the website you will be automatically logged out.

Yes, you can log out manually at any time using the “Howdy” button at the top of every page, and continue viewing other pages; but sometimes people forget to log out; which can open their computer to security vulnerabilities; so we do it for you.

After you log out or leave the website, the next time you visit the Forum, you’ll need to log in again.  The only place you can do that inside the website is on the Forum page itself, and, because it’s not smart enough to know who you are until you tell it, you’ll always see the same tiresome Registration Screen as well as a Log-In box.


Merely type your username and password in the log-in blanks, and Sign In.  Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.  You’ll find it helpful to check the “Remember Me” box.  That DOES NOT send or save your password anywhere.  It merely “attaches” it to your username, so the next time you (correctly) enter that name, your password will automatically fill-in.  (Good insurance against a forgotten or mis-typed password.)

Can I Bypass Any Of This?

Yes, actually.  The email with your initial password contained the address of a “gateway” log-in screen (, which is how you got here in the first place.  If you bookmark/save that link, you can use it to log in whenever you open the website (again, check the Remember Me box).  Then, when you enter the Forum, you’ll go right to the good stuff without all the the distracting Registration and Log-in boxes.

How Do I Change My Password?

While logged-in, merely hover over the “Howdy” in the top bar, and select Edit My Profile.  Scroll down to the password section and follow the instructions.  Exactly.  And don’t forget to write it down.  Exactly.  If you forget it or lose it, you will NOT be able to log-in or retrieve it.  We’ll have to set you another new temporary password so you can start over again.  The embarrassment will be excruciating.

How Can I Add An Avatar To My Profile, And How Can I Add Images To My Posts?

To add a thumbnail Avatar to your Forum identity, simply hover over the “Howdy” in the top bar on any page, select “Edit My Profile,” then scroll down to the Avatar section and select any image you want from what you have on your computer.  Avatar images will be trimmed to fit the standard format, so you’ll need to proportion it properly before uploading.

To attach images to your posts, just use the Attachments box at the bottom of the Reply or Create screens, and select any image from your files.  People who read the post will see the image attached as a thumbnail.  To view the full image, just click on it.  From there you can view, save, print, whatever.  After you view an imge, BE SURE to use the Back-Arrow to return to the Forum page.  Don’t just close the image.  Otherwise, you’ll accidentally exit the entire website.

How To Stay Informed:

If you want to receive an email notice every time one of your fellow PASA Members posts a message on the Forum, simply check the “Subscribe” button on the main Forum page.  You can “Unscubscribe” at any time.  Or, you can Subscribe or Unsubscribe to individual Forum topics in the same fashion, on each separate Topics page.  Or, you can Subscribe only to responses to your own Posts, at the time you create tham.  It’s pretty easy to stay as up-to-date as you want.

Any Tips On How To Navigate Or Search?

Stand by . . . more to come . . . but basically, just explore.  You can’t break anything.

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