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  1. The Forum is the place for PASA Members to discuss and question all things relevant to the PASA Club and its programs & policies, or concerning the PASA Park facility itself. Suggestions about how to improve things are welcome, as is constructive criticism (yes, really). The Forum also serves as a PASA members’ swap/trade/buy center, and general “Cracker Barrel.”
  1. For those of you who are familiar and experienced with other firearms-related Forums, please refrain from using acronyms (initials) and shorthand. We want to involve and welcome as many newcomers as possible. Not everybody knows what an “EMP” is, or who manufactures it. Not everybody knows what an XD is, or a G20, or an M&P40, or a Garand. Not everyone knows who a LEO is. If you use acronyms, please explain them. We want everyone to feel at home here, especially our newest novice members
  1. Please stay on topic. When following a Forum topic or thread, don’t veer off in a different direction. If you are a registered member and want to open a new topic thread, just do so. But be aware: Topics which have absolutely nothing to do with PASA or our members’ common interests will probably be deleted.
  1. Don’t be afraid to be blunt. We are all members of the same club, and we all belong to the same “extended family.” Everything said here is just between us. But always remember the Three Rules of Discourse:

Courtesy and Consideration are the Essence of Civilized Behavior. Treat Others’ Opinions as You Wish Yours to be Treated. An Armed Society is a Polite Society.

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