Dateline: 02/24/16


PASA/RD will start a High Power League on Thursday evenings beginning May 5, 2016 through September 29, 2016 for 18 scheduled nights, weather permitting. During the season, the first relay will commence at 5:30 PM. The second relay starts 15min after completion of the first.  Due to diminishing light the starting time will be moved to 5:00 PM. on September 1.

All shooters must be PASA members.

Annual league registration; $10.00. Weekly match:  $5.00. (targets, pasters, etc.)

The course of fire is President’s 100. The match will consist of three stages of fire.

Stages are as follows:

  • Prone Slow Fire SR Target: 5 Sighting shots 10 record shots (15 minutes / 200yds).
  • Sitting Rapid Fire SR Target: 10 rounds (60 seconds / 200yds).
  • Standing Offhand Slow Fire: SR Target 10 rounds (10 minutes / 200yds).

Current NRA High Power Rules will apply. No re-fires (alibis) will be allowed, due to daylight limitations.  Shooters will pull targets and score for the opposite relay.

Any safe rifle may be used in matches. Only those scores shot in compliance with NRA Rules 3.1 (Service Rifle) and 3.3 (Match Rifle) will be considered for league winners.  A 30 caliber specific champion will also be awarded from among those firing at least three complete matches with any 30 caliber rifle (M1A, M1, 1903, 1903A3, 1917; can mix in the three matches).

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For Additional Information Contact: Match Director Kim Dobbs at (217) 223-6789 /

Dateline: 06/04/15


A 30-year problem has finally been solved by the installation of a permanent bridge to replace the washout-prone “causeway” on PASA’s 200-Meter Range (Venue #8 on the PASA Park map).  The “Masters Memorial Bridge” has been so named because it was funded by resources remaining in the PASA Pistol Division following the final Masters International Shooting Championship in August, 2014.

The old causeway was removed and the new bridge put in place by PASA Board Member Lee Atkins, in less than 24 hours, working alone as a PASA volunteer, with a single heavy-duty track-loader.  He only got stuck once . . .


Dateline: 05/02/15


A new “flood-proof” bridge has been constructed on the .22 Rimfire Precision Range (Venue #5 on the PASA Park map).  Also, four new permanent shooting tables have been installed on the Rimfire Range firing line.

Members can now shoot .22 LR pistols and rifles at fully-rigged steel Masters Precision Rimfire targets at 25 meters and 50 meters from Positions 1, 4, & 7, or shoot at paper targets from Positions 2, 3, 5, & 6.  There is a 50-meter target board at Position 2, and a 25-meter target board at Position 6.  Members can use their own temporary rimfire targets/stands at Positions 3 & 5.  (NO CROSS-SHOOTING, please.)

All construction and fabrication of the new bridge and firing benches was accomplished in one (long) day by the volunteer effort of PASA Board Members Lee Atkins & Larry Stuhlman.  The bridge was designed and engineered by Lee Atkins, and has been named “Atkins’ Crossing” in his honor.

All PASA Members owe Lee & Larry a great debt of thanks.



Dateline: 03/22/15 – PASA Park


Over $15,000 Raised Toward Club Expenses & Improvements!

Surprise Visit from Illinois State Senator Sam McCann, who addressed his Fellow PASA Members & Assisted with Prize Drawings.

15 Guns Raffled to Attending Members.  More Than $20,000 in Door Prizes Given Away.


PASA Outstanding Member Award Presented to Lee Edwards for His 30 Years of Service to Diverse PASA Programs and Activities.

Special Appreciation Awards Presented to Larry Stuhlman & Lee Atkins for Keeping The Masters International Shooting Championship Alive from 1996-2014.

Special Recognition Given to Lee Atkins for His Invention of the Notorious “SPEED WOOD” Holster.


After a Poll of the Membership, the PASA Board of Directors Amended the PASA Constitution & Bylaws to Permanently Change the Date of the Annual PASA Members Meeting to the Last Saturday of March (one week later, should that date conflict with Easter Weekend).

The 2016 PASA Annual Meeting Will be April 2nd.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR!


Dateline: 01/15/15 – PASA Park


The completely redesigned PASA Park website went live at 4:00pm January 15, 2015.

The new site provides complete information about all aspects of PASA Park, including:

  • A continuously updated calendar of all PASA Park events and activities.
  • A unique page for each PASA Club Division, its annual schedule, and its current Match Scores.
  • On-line Membership Application.
  • A complete History of the PASA Club and its organizational structure.
  • A Photo Album of historic PASA images from 1982 forward.
  • Complete information on the availability of the PASA Park Conference Center for family events, community activities, and organizational rentals.
  • A PASA Members-Only Forum where members can share ideas, discuss issues of common interest, and buy-swap-trade.
  • Links to the websites of all Major Events hosted & produced by PASA.
  • And much more . . .

For additional information, questions, or suggestions, contact

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