Dateline: 03/02/18


It has come to our attention there is a Facebook page claiming to represent the Pike-Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance and PASA Park.  PASA has no Facebook page.  Neither the PASA club nor PASA Park have ever authorized or created any Facebook page.  This unauthorized page does not come from PASA, is not official, and contains incorrect, misleading, and fraudulent information.

We have been unable to determine who created or is administering this page. Facebook has not responded to our efforts to have it removed (because we didn’t create it).

If anyone has any information about whoever is responsible for this page, we would appreciate knowing.  Contact any PASA Officer or Director.  We need to get it removed from Facebook immediately.

Thank you.


Dateline: 02/15/18Dateline: 06/04/15


A 30-year problem has finally been solved by the installation of a permanent bridge to replace the washout-prone “causeway” on PASA’s 200-Meter Range (Venue #8 on the PASA Park map).  The “Masters Memorial Bridge” has been so named because it was funded by resources remaining in the PASA Pistol Division following the final Masters International Shooting Championship in August, 2014.

The old causeway was removed and the new bridge put in place by PASA Board Member Lee Atkins, in less than 24 hours, working alone as a PASA volunteer, with a single heavy-duty track-loader.  He only got stuck once . . .


Dateline: 05/02/15


A new “flood-proof” bridge has been constructed on the .22 Rimfire Precision Range (Venue #5 on the PASA Park map).  Also, four new permanent shooting tables have been installed on the Rimfire Range firing line.

Members can now shoot .22 LR pistols and rifles at fully-rigged steel Masters Precision Rimfire targets at 25 meters and 50 meters from Positions 1, 4, & 7, or shoot at paper targets from Positions 2, 3, 5, & 6.  There is a 50-meter target board at Position 2, and a 25-meter target board at Position 6.  Members can use their own temporary rimfire targets/stands at Positions 3 & 5.  (NO CROSS-SHOOTING, please.)

All construction and fabrication of the new bridge and firing benches was accomplished in one (long) day by the volunteer effort of PASA Board Members Lee Atkins & Larry Stuhlman.  The bridge was designed and engineered by Lee Atkins, and has been named “Atkins’ Crossing” in his honor.

All PASA Members owe Lee & Larry a great debt of thanks.



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