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All who Keep & Bear Arms have a moral obligation to become trained and proficient in their safe and responsible use. To that end, the PASA Training Division provides an avenue to obtain such training, from novice to expert levels. All civilian firearms instruction classes, training schools, and concealed-carry license qualification courses at PASA Park are provided by certified independent instructors, under the oversight of the PASA Training Division. Instructors schedule these classes & courses by arrangement with PASA Park. PASA itself does not provide such instruction as a club activity. Scheduled classes & courses are posted on the PASA website calendar.

Citizens and certified instructors interested in training classes at PASA Park, or PASA members interested in arranging for specific training courses, should be aware of the following guidelines:

  1. PASA Park is not a public shooting range. Only PASA club members may use firearms at PASA Park, including all students in any schools or instructional courses conducted at PASA Park. Membership requires a current notarized PASA Membership Agreement & Waiver form. Free notary service is available at the Park.
  2. As an incentive to obtain training, PASA offers a special $25 annual membership rate to students taking instructional classes (standard annual fee is $40). Students who are already PASA Members will have their membership extended for one year past their current expiration date for that same $25. PASA Life Members will be credited with a donation to the club General Fund for that same $25.
  3. Instructors include the $25 PASA membership in the fee they charge each student who takes their course, and pay that amount to PASA in addition to the fee for use of PASA Park. This eliminates the need for each student to make a separate $25 payment.
  4. Instructors pay a flat fee of $100 which includes use of the PASA Conference Center classroom plus one range venue for live-fire training.  The PASA Park Training Range may be utilized for such training if it is not otherwise scheduled for official law-enforcement or military training.  Additional or extended arrangements may be negotiated utilizing other PASA facilities (such as the Dark House/Shoot House, or USPSA-type props/targets).
  5. All instructors offering firearms training courses at PASA Park must provide PASA with proof of certification to teach the specific classes or training they conduct. All instructors must also provide PASA with proof of liability insurance, and such insurance must extend to the host facility/landowner. All instructors must also sign a formal rental and liability-assumption contract with PASA.

For specific information concerning options and scheduling for firearms training classes/courses at PASA Park, contact the Training Division Director. Instructors interested in providing classes at PASA Park should contact PASA’s Vice President/Administration, Kathy Lumley, at or (217) 257-7199.


PASA does not provide Hunter Safety Courses as a club program.  The PASA Park facility is available free of charge year-round to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (ILDNR) and its certified instructors for such classes as they may wish to schedule.  Visit the ILDNR website for a list of scheduled Courses throughout the state.  There is no charge to take the Hunter Safety Course and all Course materials are furnished.  Adult must accompany students age 10 and under.

List of Courses by County

Currently Scheduled Nearby Hunter Safety Classes

Adams County: All are two-day classes, held Friday 6:00pm-10:00pm & Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm.  Attendance mandatory both days for certification.  Call (217) 936-2712 for more information or to register.

  1. February 20-21. Payson Grade School, Payson, IL.
  2. March 20-21. Twin Oaks Club, North Bottom Road, Quincy, IL.
  3. June 12-13. Golden Community Building, Golden, IL.
  4. August 14-15. Paloma Community Building, Paloma, IL.
  5. September 11-12. Transitions Building, 631 North 48th St, Quincy, IL.

Pike County:

  1. February 26 & 28 (Thursday & Saturday).  The Doghouse, 163 South Main Street, Nebo, IL.  6:00pm-9:00pm Thursday; 8:00am-4:00pm Friday.  Both days mandatory.  Call (217) 734-2395 or 242-5589 for more information or to register.
  2. March 31-April 2 (Tuesday thru Thursday).  Legion Hall, 1302 West Washington, Pittsfield, IL.  6:00pm-9:30pm each evening.  All three evenings mandatory.  Call (217) 285-1667 for more information or to register.

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