Dear Friends:

Thank you for your interest in renting Smith & Wesson Hall at PASA Park for your activity. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our facility yet, feel free to drop by, we’ll be glad to give you a tour.

Please read, save, and print the information sheets and contract form on the accompanying web pages. Contact us at the phone number or email address provided in the following paragraph to confirm the dates you want are available. Sign the completed contract at the “X” marks and return it along with your check. Be sure and sign both “LESSEE” lines on the second page of the contract. We’ll countersign, make a copy, and return it to you for your records.

You can type-in the contract information on your computer before you save and print it (except for your signatures).  This will insure it is perfectly readable, and give you a permanent copy of what you sent.

It’s best not to delay, as we cannot book your date until we receive your payment, and demand for S&W Hall is heavy year-round, especially for weekends.  If you need to cancel up to 30 days before your reserved date, your money will be instantly refunded.

If you need any more questions answered, or want to make an appointment to look at any part of the Hall that’s not open on a regular basis (the main Meeting Room/Dining Hall and restrooms are never locked), just call our PASA Park VP/Administration, Kathy Lumley, at (217) 257-7199, or email

Hope to hear from you soon!


P.R. Metcalf

PS: We apologize for all the legal language in the contract, but our insurance company insists we have to do it this way so we don’t get in trouble if anything goes wrong at your party!

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