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The Pike-Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance is not a “gun club” in the ordinary sense. Instead, it is a community service organization, dedicated to the promotion of firearms ownership and all forms of safe shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation. Its members are a gathering of community-minded individuals from the full spectrum of society, working together to offer a wide variety of firearms-related recreational and economic opportunities to a national audience. All PASA club facilities and programs have been built and are staffed by volunteer help. The PASA club has no paid employees, and no PASA club Director or club officer receives any compensation for their service.

PASA as a club is a registered nonprofit organization. It is affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA), the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and a variety of other national and regional shooting sports and community-service organizations.

The PASA Sportsmen’s Park is internationally recognized as one of the finest outdoor shooting sports facilities in the world. As a PASA club member, it will be open to you year round. In addition to major national and international shooting championships, PASA‘s regular schedule of local club activities includes handgun, rifle, and shotgun matches, firearms training and education courses, hunter sighting-in days, picnics, barbecues, and all types of shooter and hunter services.

As its name implies, the PASA club is an “Alliance” embracing many different member-organized, semi-independent Divisions which pursue widely varied activities–Pistol Division, Rifle Division, Action-Shooting Division, Shotgun Division, etc. (see accompanying web pages). New PASA club Divisions are developing all the time. If you and other members share a particular interest in a specific activity, PASA‘s club officers and staff will be happy to help you establish a new Division to promote that activity. Our organization is only as good as we, the members, make it, and we welcome your input.

For current general information about activities, range availability dates, closures, etc. at PASA Park, check the Park calendar on this website. For PASA Division activities contact the appropriate Division Director. For specific questions, send an email to


The governing body of the PASA club is a seven-person Board of Directors, elected by PASA‘s voting membership to overlapping three-year terms (at least two seats are up for election each year). The PASA club’s voting membership consists of all PASA Life Members and all PASA Annual Members who have been members for at least five continuous years. As of January 2014, PASA had 535 Voting Members out of a total active membership of 1,363.

The PASA club Board of Directors has direct supervisory authority over all the affairs of the Alliance and elects the PASA club President, who serves a five-year term as chief executive officer and is operationally responsible for the overall administration of the organization and its facilities. The President appoints PASA‘s Vice President, who must be approved by the Board. The President also organizes PASA‘s Division structure, and appoints the Division Directors who conduct PASA‘s many different scheduled programs. The President is directly accountable to the Board of Directors, which has veto power over his actions and the actions of the Division Directors.

The Division Directors are accountable only to the President and the Board of Directors, and otherwise organize and administer their Divisions as they deem appropriate to the activities their Divisions pursue. Most Division Directors organize their Divisions as if they were clubs in their own right, with their own officers and governing committees that plan and direct the Division’s programs according to the interests of the participants. Thus, the majority of PASA club members who participate in regular PASA programs do so in the context of a particular PASA Division, where they are in the company of fellow members of similar specific interests, but nonetheless part of an overall alliance.


As an Illinois not-for-profit organization, the PASA club and all its Divisions operate on a “break-even” system. Each PASA Division sets its own independent annual budget, based on its projected operating costs and prize payback schedule (if applicable). Each Division contributes 50% of the net proceeds from each activity it conducts to the PASA club General Fund, which helps PASA cover the overall operational expenses of PASA Park (electricity, mowing, fuel, office supplies, range and building maintenance, club liability insurance, etc.). Bigger Divisions with many activities thus contribute more toward PASA‘s overall expenses than do smaller Divisions with few activities.

Under this system, each PASA club Division ends each operating year with only enough cash on hand to carry it forward to its next scheduled event. There is no “profit” in any PASA Division, and there is no money “left over” anywhere (unless, of course, a Division is saving to fund a major project, like the Rifle Division’s ongoing improvement project for the Rifle Range Complex, or the Action-Shooting Division’s continuing upgrades in Practical Valley.)

In addition to the 50% share it receives from PASA‘s operating Divisions, the PASA club General Fund also administers members’ dues revenue. This income pays the balance of the PASA club’s contribution to PASA Park’s overall operating expenses, continuing development, and expansion of the PASA Park facilities and physical plant. PASA also allots money from its General Fund to support individual PASA club Divisions or activities that operate at a loss, and contributes to Division projects. The club General Fund also operates on an annual zero-balance “break-even” budget, just like each PASA Division.

No PASA club Board Member, Officer, Division Director, or match official receives any pay of any kind for their club positions. Period. All PASA club officers and staff are unpaid volunteers. The 150-acre PASA Park facility is leased from the Russell Metcalf Estate Trust for exactly $1.00 per year.


PASA as an overall organization does not distribute an annual summary calendar because things always change throughout any year. The only completely reliable way to know what’s going on at PASA Park on any given day is to check the PASA website calendar. This calendar is continuously updated as events develop. Each PASA club Division also maintains and distributes its own annual calendar of events to those people who sign up to be on that Division’s mailing list. For example, the Rifle Division has its own calendar, the Action-Shooting Division has its own calendar, the Pistol Division has its own calendar, and so on. Check the Club Programs links for ongoing Division schedule notices.

If you need immediate information about specific PASA range availability, or scheduled events which may close some ranges, email, or call PASA’s Vice President/Administration, Kathy Lumley, at (217) 257-7199.


Annual Membership:  $40.00
(Adult 18 years of age or older.)

Family Membership:  $80.00
(Includes Primary Member, spouse, & all children under 18.)
A Membership Form is required for each family member!
A parent/guardian must co-sign each child’s form!

Junior Membership:  $10.00
(Youth under 18. Parental permission and co-signature required.)

PASA club members pay no additional range-use fees once their membership dues are received. However, PASA club Divisions sponsoring competition shooting events do charge match entry fees appropriate to their particular activities.

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