Q:  Why has USPSA adopted an on-line Slot distribution system for the Production Nationals?
A:  Because the U.S. Postal Service takes too long.  Slots are distributed nationwide.  Slot forms mailed to Sections, Clubs, and individuals from the USPSA Office all on the same day are sometimes delayed, misdirected, or simply lost.  Plus, people move, and neglect to inform USPSA of their changes in address.  Some of those are “Returned to Sender,” but not all, and sometimes it takes more than a month.  Then, the paper Slots still have to be distributed (mailed) from the Sections to the club reps, and then passed on to the final individual recipients.  This has often resulted in USPSA members in some Sections receiving their Slots too late to enter Matches on the day or squad they want, or too late to meet the Slots deadline at all.

Available time controls everything.  All USPSA clubs are required to submit their final previous year’s Activity Reports to the USPSA Office no later than January 31st.  Under USPSA policy, the office then has one week to make sure all those numbers are accurately compiled for each Section’s constituent clubs by Division participation, and send each Section a report.  These reports are the means by which each Section can assess and compare the activities of its clubs, for the purpose of allocating Nationals Slots.  The actual number of Slots available for each Nationals is a separate calculation, and cannot be determined until a Nationals location is set and its capacity determined.  Only then can the USPSA Office divide and assign those Slots by Section, based on the percentage of total Division Credits each Section earned.  In the past, when all Slots-based Nationals were held late Summer or early Fall, this posed little problem.

But the Production Nationals are scheduled for the first full week of August, and policy also require Slots be available to Nationals competitors a minimum of five months in advance, to allow sufficient time to plan schedules and arrange vacation time & travel.  Plus, the Slots-entry deadline can be no later than four months in advance, to allow wait-listed and Open Entry competitors a similar consideration.  All of which means Production Nationals competitors need to have their Slots available for entry by the first week of March.  Traditional mail simply cannot handle the whole three-stage process in the limited time USPSA Nationals policy allows.

The on-line system is effectively simultaneous.  Slot numbers and pin-codes are transmitted electronically to all Sections as soon as the Slots numbers are calculated, and all arrive at their destinations at the same time.  Failed email addresses immediately bounce back, and are dealt with immediately.  The distribution is announced to the entire membership via the USPSA Down Range newsletter, so everybody knows at the same time.  Members can immediately contact their Club Reps or SCs to obtain Slot numbers/codes.  If an SC doesn’t have anything in his in-box when people start calling, he can immediately find out why (check his spam filter; or call).  On March 1st, all 2016 Production Nationals Slots and Open Entries will be made available for direct download from the Match Website.  The Fail-Safes run in all directions, and the “Start Signal” is exactly the same for everybody.  Win-win-win.

Q:  I messed up and didn’t save my Production Slot form correctly after I downloaded it.  Now it’s been deactivated and I can’t download it again.  How screwed am I?
A:  Send an email to  Include your USPSA number, the Slot number, the Pin-Code you were issued, and your favorite excuse.  We will verify you are the authorized recipient, and re-issue it for you.  (After suitable humiliation.)

Q: Will I be notified when I’m entered into the Matches?
 Yes.  You will receive an immediate email confirmation when your paid entry is processed.  You will also be informed immediately if the Match or your requested Relay is already full.

Q: What is the deadline for withdrawals and refunds?
A: Requests for refunds must be received no later than July 1, 2016.  After that, no refunds are possible for any reason.   Send refund requests to:

Q:  Will stage diagrams be posted prior to the Match?
Stage descriptions for Production and Carry Optics will be available for download on this website the first week of July.

Q:  Are competitors permitted to use or bring ATVs or Golf Carts?
A:  ATVs (motorized vehicles) are not allowed except for official Match Staff.  Competitors with disabilities or walking problems may be permitted to use quiet-running personally-owned or rental golf carts by prior approval only.  Back-up “beeps” must be disabled (they can be mistaken for start signals).  When parked at a stage, golf carts MUST be kept clear of the range access roadways, to allow clear passage of staff, maintenance, and emergency vehicles.
For approval, contact the Match Director (  Pre-authorized golf carts will be issued an Approval Tag at Match check-in.  Unauthorized golf carts and ATVs will be required to vacate the premises.
Golf cart rentals are available locally.   For contact information, competitors with approval can email  PASA Park is not a broker for golf cart rentals.
A squad shuttle service is provided during squad rotations between widely separated Stages.

Q:  How can I apply to work as Staff at the Production Nationals and Carry Optics Nationals?
Contact the Match Director (  All Staff accepted must work the entire Match.  Returning Nationals Staff have priority.  All new Staff accepted must work both the Production Nationals and the Carry Optics Nationals.

Q:  Do I have to be NROI-Certified to work as Staff at the Production Nationals and Carry Optics Nationals?
All Range Staff must be NROI-Certified (ROs, CROs, RMs).  Major Match experience is strongly recommended.  Support Staff do not need to be NROI-Certified, but must be current USPSA members in good standing.  All Staff accepted must work the entire Match.  Staff decisions will be finalized by the end of April.

Q:  What is the Match Hotel?
  The Quality Inn & Suites in Quincy, IL.  See the LODGING menu at the top of this page for more details and a list of area hotels in general, categorized by their distance from PASA Park.  The Quality Inn provides a special rate for Production Nationals competitors & sponsors.  Group Code is PRODUCTION NATIONALS.

Q:  I’m concerned about bringing guns into Illinois from out of state.  I’ve been told it’s against the law to have a gun in Illinois unless you have a state ID card.  Also that non-residents can’t buy ammo in Illinois.  Am I going to encounter any police checks getting to PASA Park?
  All such concerns are based on myth.
1.  The Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) requirement applies ONLY to Illinois residents.  Non-residents who are legal firearm owners in their own state can absolutely bring their guns to Illinois.  Including International shooters.  Non-residents CAN buy ammo in Illinois.  The thousands of competitors who have shot National Championship matches at PASA Park over the past 30 years do it all the time.  So do the tens of thousands of non-residents who come to Illinois to hunt each year.
2.  In
any state, so long as any legally-owned firearm of any
type remains unloaded and in a locked case in a vehicle, the federal Firearms Owners’ Protection Act (FOPA) explicitly exempts those who are transporting firearms for lawful purposes from all state and local restrictions which might otherwise prohibit passage. Even in Chicago/Cook County.  Even in New York City.  Federal law trumps any state or local law in this regard.  Repeatedly upheld by the Courts.
We’ve been amazed over the years how many people from outside Illinois believe these myths.  (Well, actually, we’re not . . . considering Illinois’ reputation.)  But myths they are.

Q:  The PASA Park website says you must be a PASA Club member to shoot there.  Do I have to join PASA before I can shoot the Nationals?
A:  No.  PASA Park is not a public shooting range, and for insurance & liability reasons the PASA Club requires membership before anyone can use firearms there recreationally or participate in Club shooting events.  HOWEVER; the USPSA Nationals are a contracted event, under the umbrella of USPSA’s liability insurance.  Nationals participants do NOT need to become PASA Members.  (Although many do.)

Q:  How do I find PASA Park?
  Go to the DIRECTIONS menu at the top of this page for maps, driving directions, and travel information.  The 911 emergency-response system “street address” for PASA Park is: 31943 250th Street, Barry, IL 62312.  Many vehicle GPS devices cannot correctly locate that address.  They’ll often take you to somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  (Ok, ok . . . to somewhere even more in the middle of nowhere).  The actual GPS coordinates for PASA Park are: 39.726505°N / 91.067560° W. (39.726505, -91.067560)

Q:  Can I get driving directions using the Google Map embedded in this website?
  Yes. Click on the Production Nationals logo at the top of any page.  This will bring up a Google Map centered on PASA Park.  Click the “Directions” link in the “Getting Around” box.  Then type the address you’re coming from onto the top line.  Example: “201 South 3rd Street, Quincy, IL” (the Match Hotel).  Or, “Anchorage, Alaska.”  Type the destination address on the second line.  Example: PASA Park’s GPS coordinates: “39.726505, -91.067560.”  Click “Get Directions.”  Take it from there.  You can use the arrows button to reverse the route (helpful when one-way streets are involved).  You can also use the map to zoom in for a detailed overhead satellite view of PASA Park.  Right down to the props on the ranges.

Q:  Can I ship ammo to the Match address?
  Yes.  You can ship ammo (or other gear) to YOURSELF at the Match address, using the following format.  Ship either FedEx or UPS.  Insure for full value.  DO NOT send ammo through the U.S. Mail.  It’s a FEDERAL CRIME!  (See You MUST notify us if you are shipping ammo and/or other items, how many packages, and to whom they are addressed.  Include the tracking number.  Send this information to:  Items received will be placed in locked storage, but USPSA and PASA Park assume NO LIABILITY for items shipped to the Production Nationals address.

31943 250th Street
BARRY, IL 62312

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